Best Micro-budget Feature (under €100k)

OUTDEH – The Youth Of Jamaica by Louis Josek

Best Feature (over €100k)

Paradogma by Marijn Poels

Best No-Budget Feature (under €10k)

Goethe’s Faust by Karsten Pruehl

Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature

Vampire Vienna by Mike Lomoz

Best Female Director Feature

What Makes Women Tick by Svetlana Schotte

Best LGBT film

Eadem Cutis: The Same Skin by Nina Hopf

Best Short Film

The Act Is The Enemy Of Thought by Moritz Draheim

Best Short Short Film

Colored Moth – Whataboutism by Nils Kottmann

Best Short Documentary

Unsurfed Afghanistan by Nico Walz

Best Animated Short

Between Two Walls by Amir Ovadia Steklov

Best Experimental Short

Chewing Gum by Philippe Noguchi

Best Horror Short

Earl Grey by Kirsten Wehr

Best / Sci-Fi Short

Ryoko’s Qubit Summer by Yuichi Kondo

Best Music Video

Konsequence – Feels Pt. I by Maximilian Hillmer

Best Feature Screenplay

Sorrow for tomorrow by DF Ranlink

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Six Degrees Warmer by Laura Mannings

Best Comedy Screenplay

Huggers by Tanya Klien