Festival 2018

BIFF 2018


Best Feature (over €100k) — Tikli and Laxmi Bomb by Aditya Kripalani

Best Micro-budget Feature (under €100k) — Ulterior States by Tomer Kantor

Best No-Budget Feature (under €10k) — Plantain by Verena Stenke

Best Feature Documentary — The Arrows of Truth by Antonio Rui Ribeiro

Best Short Film — American Psychosis by Amanda Zackem

Best Short Short — Breakfast of Champions by Beraat Gokkus

Best Short Documentary — Life on the Ganges by Indira Somani

Best Animated Short — Genesis by Abtin Mozafari

Best Experimental Short — Corpse Nr:51 by Sawat Ghaleb

Best Sci-Fi Short — Brainbloodvolume by John Carter

Best Horror Short — Beast by Christopher Sferrazza

Best Screenplay — The Turn by Mandy Lister

Best Comedy Screenplay — Dingo by Pearl Jackson

Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay — Grave Expectations by Tim Volker


February 13

Join us from 9pm at Tati Goes Underground Bar by Senefelderplatz in Mitte on 13 Feb for a film-themed Jazz set with DJ Task spinning vinyl from Charlie Mingus to Lalo Shifrin…

Tati Goes Underground Bar Metzer Str. 2 10405 Berlin-Mitte

Fbook festival updates: https://www.facebook.com/Berlin-Independent-Film-Festival-699356716807710/?ref=bookmarks

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February 15

Shorts Block Feb 15th 18:00
King Grandpa by Martin Grau
Beast by Christopher Sferrazza
American Psychosis by Amanda Zackem
Nobody is Home Right Now by Konstantin Rall
Reconstructing Reality by Alice Wong

Shorts Block Feb 15th 20:00
Distortion by Gregory Papinutto
No Taxation Without Allocation by Tomer Kantor
Salveger (Anniversary) by Angelica Germana Bozza
Brainbloodvolume by John Carter
Genesis by Abtin Mozafari

Feature Feb 15th 22:00
Ulterior States by Tomer Kantor

February 16

Feature Feb 16th 18:00
All Eyes On You by Felix Maxim Eller

Shorts Block Feb 16th 20:00
Life on the Ganges by Indira Somani
Yamina by Tobias Mrosek
Breakfast of Champions by Beraat Gokkus
Cold Sweat by Erik Hartmann
Coworld by Souran Kurdpour
Day of Reckoning by Gideon van Eeden
Corpse Nr:51 by Sawat Ghaleb

Feature Feb 16th 22:00
Tikli And Laxmi Bomb by Aditya Kripalani

February 17

Feature Feb 17th 18:00
The Arrows of Truth by Antonio Rui Ribeiro

Shorts Block Feb 17th 20:00
Black Souls In Blue Jeans by Christian Boge
Milan – Missile by Renas Miran
Alzhaimour by Pierre Van de Kerckhove
Blake by Shamila Lengsfeld
Backstory by Joschka Laukeninks
Strand by H. Suzuki

Feature Feb 17th 22:00
U3000 – Tod Einer Indieband by Hannes Wesendonk

February 18

Shorts Block Feb 18th 18:00
Dogs & Tacos by Steven Bachrach
Laurels, Crowns of Thorns by Luca Riedel
Sound is Half The Picture by Dede Maitre
Golden Hour by Claudia Vogt
The Pit by Kari Hennig

Shorts Block Feb 18th 20:00
The Ruins by Ric Sechrest & Matilda Szydagis
Insatiable by Manuel Mousiol
Und Die Welt Dreht Sich by Rain Kencana
Scatterlings by Patrick Hoffmann & Emine Yesilkaya

Feature Feb 18th 22:00
Retrocausal by Shahin Ganji

February 19

Shorts Block Feb 19th 18:00
Mirages by Juke Blue
Mind Your Body by Silke C. Engler
Go Paul by Felix Karolus
Girl Meets Roach by Christopher Zatta
Jack & Cooper – Identity Theft by Robert Sladeczek

Shorts Block Feb 19th 20:00
Mab by Katie Bonham
No Monsters in Berlin by Kate Holland
Test of Courage by Rena Dumont
Glass Ceiling by Tash Ann
To the Moon and Back by Alona Rodeh

Feature Feb 19th 22:00
Plantain by Verena Stenke


Programme: flyerA5-BIFF2018 (1)

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