Festival 2015

Berlin Independent Film Festival
6th Annual February 06, 2015 to February 12, 2015


BIFF 2015 Winners:

Best Feature (€250k to €1M) — Schimbare by Alex Sampayo
Best Micro-budget Feature (under €250k) — Sidewalk Traffic by Anthony Fisher
Best No-Budget Feature (under £25k) — The Lengths by Tim Driscoll
Best Documentary — Descending With Angels by Christian Suhr
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature –Hungerford by Drew Casson
Best Director — Mina Mileva & Vesela Kazakova for Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service

Best Short Film — The Barbiers Blade by Hakan Can
Best Short Documentary — Sun Village by Zoey Lee
Best Animated Short — Urn St Tavern by Mattias Gordon
Best Experimental Short — Sux Apartment by Anja Høvik Strømsted
Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short — Over the Moon by James Cunning
Best Music Video — Pinot in the Grass by Kantarama Gahigiri

Best Screenplay — Scotch Verdict by Suzanne Stroh
Best Comedy Screenplay — The Powder Room — Tomas Winkler
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay — Emerge by Anneli Gelbard




BIFF 2015

The BIFF team ran another fantastic festival of independent filmmaking from February 6-12, 2015 at one of Berlin’s favourite independent cinemas, the Babylon, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178.
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The Facebook page is here.

You can find our 2015 festival schedule below:


All tickets can be purchased at the Babylon box office and online starting Feb 1, 2015

NOTE: Box office ticket sales / free passes are issued on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS including festival passes ie. free entry for participant filmmakers. If the session is sold out, there are simply no free or paying tickets available.

Thursday Feb 5:
Opening Night Party: 22:00 until 02:00
at AG Foundation aka Griffin Bar
Invalidenstr 151 Berlin 10115
DJ Task spins jazz




Friday Feb 6

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Descending With Angels (75m) dir. by Christian Suhr

Islamic exorcism or psychotropic medication? “Descending with Angels” explores two highly different solutions to the same issue: namely Danish Muslims who are possessed by invisible spirits, called jinn.

Shorts Block 1: (starts 19:30)
The Eye of the Beholder (18m), dir. by Stefanos Pavlakis
Where We Start From (12m) dir. by Ben Mears
Die Agentin (10m) dir. by Francesca Pollak
No Free Lunch (20m) dir. by Leeron Revah
Fresh Cut Grass (10m) dir. by Robert Cullen
Transition (6m) dir. by Rodja Martin Tröscher

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)
The Genital Warriors (Die Geschlechtskriegerinnen) (87m) dir. by Matthew Way
An old man in a hospital has a movie made for his two ex-girlfriends from 40 years ago. These two women meet and find out they’re not the only one he’s trying to win back. They swear revenge, travelling to the past with a magic wand and a shotgun…

Saturday Feb 7

Feature 1: (starts 17:30)
The Right Juice (92m) dir. by Kristjan Knigge
His career in tatters after stock market speculation in oil futures, a disgraced young banker starts an orange plantation in the Algarve – but his past catches up with him when he strikes oil.

Documentary Block: (starts 19:45)
Sun Village (13m) dir. by Zoey Lee
BERLIN layers of movement (45m) dir. by Natascha Kuederli

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)
Break-Up (89m) dir. by Alexander Tuschinski
An anarchist trip through the modern world. This satire on power, money, ideologies and social conventions renounces traditional storytelling in order to experiment with cinematic form and language.

Sunday Feb 8

Feature 1: (starts 17:30)
Indigo (92m) dir. by John Smith
A recovering heroin addict races against the clock to save a kidnapped girl.

Shorts Block 3: (starts 19:30)
Displacements (9m) dir. by Manuel Alvarez Diestro
Sux Apartment (9m) dir. by Anja Høvik Strømsted
Die Agentin (10m) dir. by Francesca Pollak
EMILY (21m) dir. by Guy Davies
Diving Deep (22m) dir by Ibrahim Jacobi

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)
The Lengths (97m) dir. by Tim Driscoll
Self sabotage permeates the relationships of Tom, Charlie and Hannah as they drive across the country to rescue Lily from her own wedding. It’s a love triangle turned emotional horror story.

Monday Feb 9

Feature 1: (starts 17:30)
Schimbare (91m) dir. by Alex Sampayo
Luis and Elvira have to take the hardest decision of their lives. Decide what they decide, someone will die.

Shorts Block 4: (starts 19:30)
Umleitung (17m) dir. by Madli Moos
One Night Only (16m) dir. by Che Grant
The Co-Star (14m) dir. by Rhian Green
Thru her eyes (10m) dir. by Hans Lein

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)
Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service (86m) dir. by Mina Mileva
A scandalous case behind Socialism’s greatest export – the art of animation reveals a heartbreaking human story.

Tuesday Feb 10

Music Videos (starts 18:00)
VERTIGO, dir. by Justin Thomas Ostensen
Dolphin Man, dir. by Claudia Holz
HELLO, dir. by Jennifer Nicole Stang
Zero Gravity State Of Mind, dir. by Ina Lerner Grevstad & Nina Knag
Bring Your Love, dir. by Ill Studio
Birds Vs Planes, dir. by Graeme Bowman
Urn St. Tavern, dir. by Mattias Gordon
Pinot In The Grass, dir. by Kantarama Gahigiri
Your Every Day and Night, dir. by Frederic Chane-son
Ciudad Esmeralda (Emerald City), dir. by Alejandro Tomas
The Shipsmen, dir. by Erik Christopher Lopez
Brave Men, dir. by Joe Zohar
This I Know, dir. by Brad Ragland
Electric Heart Part2, dir. by Woo-Hyuk(Dooboo) Kim
Apothek – Family, dir. by Andreas Grødtlien
Welcome to Tokyo, dir. by Ganki Sudo
Violence done Well, dir. by maida hals
Rodelle – I’m Afraid I’m Not, dir. by Marcus Moonen
Dolent de mena, dir. by Gorka Vazquez
The Eve, dir. by Nicola Fan

Shorts Block 5: (starts 19:30)
In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella (16m) dir. by Nadia Johanne Kabalan
Temporary Discomfort (14m) dir. by Simon Adegbenro
The Bigger Picture (7m) dir. by Daisy jacobs
Sivullinen (8m) dir. by Pinja Valja
The Toll (9m) dir. by Scott Simpson

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)
Sidewalk Traffic (97m) dir. by Anthony Fisher
Declan becomes a stay-at-home dad and is forced to face his personal demons while pushing strollers, changing diapers and heating up bottles.

Wednesday Feb 11

Feature 1: (starts 17:30)
Hungerford (79m) dir. by Drew Casson
The lives of a group of teenagers are turned upside down when their town is taken over by sinister forces.

Shorts Block 6 (Starts 19:30)
Cassandra (14m) dir. by Guy-Roger Duvert
A Bird’s Nest (15m) dir. by Christine Chen
Deadbook (15m) dir. by Richard Scobie
The Transplants (20m) dir. by Jingliang Tan

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)

Return of the Moonwalker (90m) dir. by Mike Maria & Mike Moreau (Out of Competition)
COMEDY: Count Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer, runs a punk circus with his eccentric wife in Berlin. His ultimate feat will be to raise Michael Jackson from the dead in order to start a revolution. Enter the looking-glass world of this pacy multi-genre parody.

Thursday Feb 12

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Generation `89 – Growing up in the year of change (71m) dir. by Anke Ertner
25 years after the German reunification six east German teenagers reflect on a period of time that they experienced so differently than the rest of the world thinks.

Shorts Block 7: (starts 19:30)
Mack Blaster – DIe Welt im Fadenkreuz (18m) dir. by René Schweitzer & Sebastian Utech
Over the Moon (7m) dir. by James Cunningham
The Barbiers Blade (7m) dir. by Hakan Can
LA Miner (24m) dir. by Thomas Wood
SCRABBLE (11m) dir. by Cristian Sulser

Feature 2: (starts 21:15)
Adventurados (86m) dir. by Berton Pierce
The misadventures of two out of luck shuttle pilots as they fly a last mission from the Moon to Earth before retiring.

The management reserve the right to amend the programme at short notice