Festival 2011


Feature Films

ALL THAT I LOVE (95m, Poland)
dir. by. Jacek Borcuch

A story of a group of friends set at the beginning of 1980s. The films is shown through one of main character’s – Janek – eyes. He’s a teen living in hell. With time passes The Big History – Solidarity strikes,martial law in Poland, manifestations, and to this are driven youth, music, relations and life in general.
dir. by Habib Azar

A husband with a bizarre secret. A wife who’s determined to learn it. A doctor who’s desperate for some excitement in his life. A receptionist who’s sick of excitement. And a mother with an Asian fetish. All these lives come crashing into one another in this quirkily funny, strangely poignant movie about love, lies, marriage… and amputation.
BARRIERE aka Boundaries (96m Germany)
dir. Andreas Kleinert

Nine young actors leave behind their daily lives in Berlin and travel to the country to audition for a summer theatre production to be performed in the ruins of an old church.
dir. by Iliona Ziok

A documentary about the life of Fritz Bauer, who was probably the most renowned state prosecutor the Federal Republic has ever had.
OPEN (88m, USA)
dir. by Jake Yuzna

Interweaving love stories centering on real individuals who are utilizing medicine to explore new frontiers of love, sex, and the human form.
PALTADACHO MUNIS aka The Man Beyond the Bridge (96, India)
dir. by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar

A recently widowed forest ranger in India strikes up an unlikely relationship with a woman he finds lost and alone in the woods.
dir. by Jen White

Between Floors examines the human condition through a uniquely claustrophobic lens, intercutting between five stuck elevators and the people trapped inside them. Each elevator becomes an existential purgatory, forcing its occupants to not only confront their isolation, but themselves and each other in varied and unexpected ways
EXHALING MUSIC (57m, Norway)
dir. by Trond Eliassen

Getting to conduct one of the worlds greatest symphony orchestras is a dream shared by a lot of people. Turned in to reality, some dreams can become nerve wrecking nightmares very quickly.In this documentary we follow the shy and self-taught composer Fred Jonny Berg. He has never conducted an orchestra before. But suddenly he is forced in to a situation where he has to conduct the renowned Philharmonia Orchestra of London. It is the longest day of Fred Jonny Berg’s life..


THE ARMOIRE (22m, Canada)
Jamie Travis
11 year-old Aaron plays a game of Hide and Seek in which his friend Tony is never found. The mystery of their relationship—and of their queer attachment to the armoire in Aaron’s bedroom—can only be revealed, it turns out, through hypnosis.

NAPOLEON, MY LOVE (10m, France)
Celine Gorget
A teenage girl nurtures her crush on the long dead emperor of France.

Robert Machoian/Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
Charlie a 4-year-old and lover of Bugs Bunny decides to go hunt a rabbit of his own.

CHICKEN HEADS (15m, Palestine)
Bassam Jarbawi
After his father’s prized sheep goes missing, Yousef devises a strategy to keep the truth buried.

Martin Stitt
Leaving family is the hardest part.

Clay Liford
A geriatric mother and her twenty-something son on a road trip to meet some dastardly drug dealers in order to replenish a supply of certain herbs

BUS (11m, Israel)
Yasmin Novak
As the city buses traverse Jerusalem, they carry with them dreams from various worlds. Passengers ascend and descend, always on the go, living their lives amidst a complex of rules, walls, soldiers, and permits. Will they reach their destination?

Shelly Silver
You live somewhere, walk down the same street 50, 100, 10,000 times, each time taking in fragments, but never fully registering The Place.

AKAI MORI NO UTA (6m, Japan)
Akihito Izuhara
Deep in the forest of Ponia, Nini and Nana, two fortune tellers, sing a traditional song that has been passed down through the ages.

VENUS VS ME (27m, Belgium)
Nathalie Tierlinck
Entangled in a realm of thought, twelve-year-old Marie has trouble growing up. When her young mother brings home a new boyfriend, questions remain unanswered and communication seems impossible. Frenetic, Marie tries to win back her mother while she silently finds solace in a world of memories.

Reza Haeri
With clothing as the leitmotif, the filmmaker provides the history of Iran, the country of his birth, where beheadings and hangings are commonplace occurrences.

Sandra Peters

SWELTER (9m, Latvia)
Kriss Salmanis
Subtle movements create an almost unnoticeable displacement of reality, allowing one to sense the world’s own pace, which takes place independently of us, and which we can only influence slightly

JACCO’S FILM (17m, Netherlands)
Daan Bakker
Jacco (10) allows the viewer a glimpse into his colorful world of experiences. Filled with enthusiasm, he talks about his friends, girlfriends, interests, everyday activities and the wonders of nature.

DAKUJEM, DOBRE (40m, Slovakia)
Mátyás Prikler
An examination of the effects of capitalism on the elderly in Eastern Europe.

HINKERORT ZORASUNE aka Fifth Column (29m, Lebanon)
Vatche Boulghourjian
The film chronicles desperation and mourning in the marginalized Armenian quarter of Beirut.

LICHT aka Light (15m, Netherlands)
Andre Schreuders
An elderly ill woman packs some clothes in a suitcase, her fish in a plastic bag and leaves on foot to a monastery where she stops eating and drinking. During her lonely journey she has some intense encounters.

RONAN’S ESCAPE (16m, Australia)
dir. by A.J. Carter
Ronan, a 14 year old school boy growing up in a rural West Australian town. He is the social outcast of the school and has been bullied for years. The film follows the last few hours of Ronan’s day at school before he makes his ‘escape’ under a beautiful Australian gum tree.

SEPARATION (4m, Hungary)
dir. by Andras Novak
A story about the change of fortune followed by a sudden stroke of good luck and the dramatic changes it brings into the life of a man – in the reflection of past, present and future.

KIDNAP (4m, U S A)
dir. by Sijia Luo
A little chicken is late to school, but her excuse is too wild to believe: getting kidnapped on the way to school. You believe not not, this chicken is a really good actress and Kung fu master! After her explanation, you have to believe that her adventure is so true.

MY UNCLE BLUEY (17m, Australia)
dir. by Britt Arthur
A film maker’s personal story about her estranged Uncle Bluey – a white man who found his home in a
remote Aboriginal community

LET ME IN (3m, U S A)
dir. by Matthew Schutt

Noise (4m, Croatia)
Dir. by Molly Brentford

Sexteens (3m, Poland)
Dir. by Lech Paskulski

Dismember December (4m, Ireland)
Dir. by Davide Lonardi

Eat What You Kill (4m, U S A)
Dir. by Halley Harris

Empress (3m, Italy)
Sub. by Heinze Felconi

Touchdowm (3m, U S A)
Dir. by Dee Simpson

Wonders (2m, Sweden)
Sub. by Erica Holmberg

One Day (4m, U S A)
Dir. by Alison Walters
Go Go (4m, Japan)
Dir. by Mas Yulo

DOA (3m, U S A)
Dir. by Seam Lewis