Festival 2016

Berlin Independent Film Festival
7th Annual February 11, 2015 to February 17, 2016



BIFF 2016 Winners:

Best Feature (€250k to €1M) — Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic by Corina Gamma
Best Micro-budget Feature (under €250k) — Day Release by Geoffrey Cowper
Best No-Budget Feature (under £25k) — Short Supply by Kevin Molony
Best Documentary — In Search of a Lost Paradise by Evgeny Tsymbal & Alexander Smoljanski
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature — The Key by Gedeon Burkhard
Best Director — Leona Goldstein for God Is Not Working On Sunday!
Best LGBT film — Brix and the Bitch by Nico Raineau

Best Short Film — The Jungle by Dogu Akal & Onur Saylak
Best Short Documentary — The Wedding of the Trees by Melanie Kindl & Clemens Wolfart
Best Animated Short — Claire & the Keys by John Ludwick
Best Experimental Short — Mustarinta – A Film About Koli by Heikki Oinonen
Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short — 399 by Sophia Magdalena Koegl & Robert Dziabel
Best Music Video — Don’t Forget About Singapore by Julien Thiry

Best Screenplay — The Revolutionist by Lynn Mills
Best Comedy Screenplay — Frequent Stops by Don French
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay — Nine Toes In the Grave by Scott Newell


The BIFF team ran another fantastic festival of independent filmmaking from February 11-17, 2016 at one of Berlin’s favourite independent cinemas, the Babylon, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178.


The Facebook page with film trailers and info is here


All tickets can be purchased at the Babylon box office and online starting Feb 1, 2016



NOTE: Box office ticket sales / free passes are issued on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS including festival passes ie. free entry for participant filmmakers. If the session is sold out, there are simply no free or paying tickets available.

PDF of BIFF 2016 programme flyer to download: flyerA5-BIFF2016

Wednesday Feb 10:

Opening Night Party: 22:00 until 02:00
at AG Foundation aka Griffin Bar
Invalidenstr 151 Berlin 10115
DJ Task spins jazz


Thursday Feb 11

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic (70m) dir. by Corina Gamma

DOCUMENTARY: In the world’s most northern inhabited town, a small Inuit settlement struggles with the drastic change in weather pattern, their centuries-old lifestyle is vanishing. Their stories are woven together with international researchers on Greenland’s Inland Ice Cap.
Film www: http://www.gatekeepersofthearctic.com

Shorts Block 1: (starts 20:00) (73m)

Cabaret Voltaire (14m) dir. by Jennifer von Schuckmann
Star Dust (15m) dir. by Arnaud Le Roch
Claire & The Keys (20m) dir. by John Ludwick
IceTruckFuckHardcore (8m) dir. by Johannes Lohmann & Christoph Hertel
TICK TOCK (9m) dir. by Zeynep Kocak
Don’t Forget About Singapore (7m) dir. by Julien Thiry

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
Kollwein’s Day of Truth dir. (88m) dir. by Anna Justice (Out of Competition)

THRILLER: A German district attorney and a French police inspector are working on a case involving the murder of an employee at the nuclear plant Haut-Rhin, when an unknown man seizes control over the plant threatening nuclear meltdown if his demands are not met.
Film www: http://kordesfilm.de/de/film/42/

Friday Feb 12

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Creditors (81m) dir. by Ben Cura

DRAMA: A love triangle is unraveled when a young painter is approached by an admirer who eases him into making sense of his relationship with his wife.
Film www: creditorsfilm.com
Trailer: https://youtu.be/VfaSlL8cj98

Shorts Block 2: (starts 20:00) (69m)

Helio (20m) dir. by Teddy Cecil
Reveler (8m) dir. by Mariano Falabretti
One Night in Hollywood (12m) dir. by Sheri Sussman
Mystery Skulls – “Magic” (5m) dir. by Double Ninja
Freedom Lost (11m) dir. by Mischa Auzins
Red Earth Calling (13m) dir. by Jennifer Jessum

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
The Key (90m) by Gedeon Burkhard

HORROR: The brutal slaughter of a family sets the stage. Forty years later Tim and Josh celebrate a business deal with their spouses but a couple of thugs ambush Tim and steal his downpayment. Crashing their car during a break neck getaway Tim and the others head for cover in the nearby woods and stumble upon a small farmhouse. Erebus and his family of pagans take them in but something appears to be off; and when Erebus kills the first thug who tries to break into the house Tim can not believe what Erebus reveals. While the farm is under siege Tim and the others make a fateful discovery. The demons of the past have returned and will stop at nothing to fulfil their bloody destiny.
Film www: http://infopackage.wix.com/thekey
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoB-HZQteEo

Saturday Feb 13

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Love Me Do (90m) dir. by Martin Stitt

CRIME THRILLER: Antonia, a successful investment bank trader embarks on a love affair with Max, an out of work actor, which leads the couple to commit a terrible act of revenge. When searching for love in a capitalist world, the question you must ask yourself is whether your ideal partner is the perfect accomplice?
Film www: https://www.facebook.com/LoveMeDoTheMovie
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/148540673

Shorts Block 3: (starts 20:00) (72m)
One Last Sigh Before Nightfall (28m) dir. by Heikko Deutschmann
Gold. (7m) dir. by Alexander Tuschinski
Rabbit Therapy (12m) dir. by Bernd Bücker
Talgar the Hunter (13m) dir. by Charlie Crane
Insomnia (9m) dir. by Kenneth Sanabria
Magic (3m) dir. by Konstantin Rall

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
Atomic Eden dir. (85m) dir. by Nico Sentner

ACTION: Trapped inside an old mining complex among the ruins of Chernobyl, a group of international mercenaries must band together to fight an army of madmen. 8 against 800 — they just can’t lose.
Film www: https://www.facebook.com/NicoSentnersAtomicEden
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgqZq0F0_dU

Sunday Feb 14

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
… and the Rest is History (88m) dir. by Niko Kühnel

DARK COMEDY:  Two shady guys in dark suits, a mysterious girl out of nowhere, a gloomy figure in a parking garage. All of them looking for the same thing, a black folder from New York. And all of them seem to think that it’s Tim who can lead them to it and help them understand its contents.
Film www: www.khartoumproductions.com/?page_id=566
Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO0yaQ8IcoU


Shorts Block 4: (starts 20:00) (73m)
The Wedding of the Trees (18m) dir. by Melanie Kindl & Clemens Wolfart
Fåån (Valsaland) (5m) dir. by Goblin Mikkanen
Isabelle’s Garden (8m) dir. by Jeffrey Palmer
California Dreamin’ (4m) by Sven D.
Sisters (21m) dir. by Michelle Figlarz
There Are No Strangers Here (9m) dir. by Eugen Bräunig
Vacanza (8m) dir. by Nicola Pascucci

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
Beyond the Bridge (102m) by Daniel Schenk

THRILLER/HORROR: During a party with old friends, experimentation with a mysterious drug sends Marla to a bizarre nightmare, from which she can seemingly never awaken.
Film www: http://www.beyondthebridgemovie.com/

Monday Feb 15

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
In Search of a Lost Paradise  (52m) dir. by Evgeny Tsymbal & Alexander Smoljanski
lost paradise

DOCUMENTARY: The story of Russian artist Valentina Kropivnitskaya and her husband, the artist Oskar Rabin, a story about great talent and great love.  In 1974, the couple organised a prohibited open-air art exhibition, which the KGB smashed using bulldozers and this historical event forced the Soviets to change their stance regarding art.
Film www: www.soms-films.com
Trailer: https://youtu.be/0z-0R06-CnE

Shorts Block 5: (starts 20:00) (72m)
Aslan (40m) dir. by Florian Metzner
Indigo Grey: The Passage (6m) dir. by Sean Robinson
Time (1m) dir. by Floria Sigismondi
The Suburbs Go On Forever (14m) dir. by Mark Day
The Pilot Fish’s Tale (11m) dir. by Rose Fadem-Johnston

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
Short Supply  (58m) dir. by Kevin Molony

DARK COMEDY: A visit to the Dentist leads to a fatal extraction. An absurdist neo-noir tale of how your mind sometimes makes up its own mind.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/123073069

Tuesday Feb 16

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Half Brothers (85m) dir. by Christoph Lehmann

DRAMA: David, a career-driven, successful business man invites his estranged half-brother Trinis, a struggling Marxist poet to stay in a Swiss Chalet in the hope to get to know each other. With them they bring their significant others: Trinis’ drugs smuggling girlfriend Ciara; and Davids expecting wife Stephanie. The beautiful yet isolating Swiss Alps bring out their differences and instinctual attractions and this forces them to come to terms with their dysfunctional relationships.
Film www: www.halfbrothersmovie.com
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/148851764

Shorts Block 6: (starts 20:00) (71m)
The Crossing (20m) dir. by Nathalie Biancheri
Mystic Jungfraujoch (3m) dir. by Markus Eichenberger
Brix and the Bitch (10m) dir. by Nico Raineau
Coconut (11m) dir. by Lennart Brede
We Are Stars (5m) dir. by Nanako Fukui
H Positive (8m) dir. by Glenn Paton
The Jungle (14m) dir. by Dogu Akal & Onur Saylak

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
God Is Not Working On Sunday! (82m) dir. by Leona Goldstein

DOCUMENTARY: What would have once sounded like a far-fetched feminist fantasy -namely women forming the majority of a parliament- is reality in one country in the world: Rwanda. 20 years after the genocide the country is considered as one of the most progressive countries of the continent. Over a 8 year long-term observational portrait of two grassroots-activists ‘God is not working on Sunday!’ offers a exceptional insight into the Rwanda of today.
Film www: godisnotworkingonsunday.org
Trailer: godisnotworkingonsunday.org/new-page/

Wednesday Feb 17

Feature 1: (starts 18:00)
Train Station (97m) dir. by CollabFeature

DRAMA: Train Station is an independent feature film directed by 29 directors from 16 countries spread over 5 continents. An incredible story of one soul in a different body walking through different paths trying to make a decision that will change the course of his life drastically.
Film www: www.collabfeature.com

Shorts Block 7: (starts 20:00) (72m)
Mustarinta – A Film About Koli (16m) dir. by Heikki Oinonen
The Schoolboy (19m) dir. by Paloma Lommel
The Seed (20m) dir. by Barney Frydman
Solo Finale (9m) dir. by Ingo Putze
399 (8m) dir. by Sophia Magdalena Koegl & Robert Dziabel

Feature 2: (starts 22:00)
Day Release (80m) dir. by Geoffrey Cowper

THRILLER: On his first weekend parole after 5 years in prison, Mark Rodriguez witnesses the armed robbery of a security van. His brother´s critical situation and his own feelings of remorse will lead him to take desperate measures. His only help will be a stripper he met the night before.
Film www: http://www.breakingpictures.es/tercergrado/
Trailer: http://www.breakingpictures.es/tercergrado/la-pelicula/


The management reserve the right to amend the programme at short notice