Festival 2020

The BIFF team will present another fantastic festival of independent filmmaking from February 24-29, 2020 at one of Berlin’s favourite independent cinemas, the Babylon, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178.


BIFF 2020 Opening Nite at Griffin Bar 24th Feb from 21:00
Address: Griffin (A. G. Foundation) Invalidenstraße 151 Berlin-Mitte

February 25 at 18:00
Shorts Block 1
Dravemont by Adnane Tragha
The Act Is The Enemy Of The Thought by Moritz Draheim
Earl Grey by Kirsten Wehr
Wu by Gabriel Wolf

February 25 at 20:00
Shorts Block 2
One Stop Further by Häly Heinecker
Normalhass by Livius Pápay
Jerome, Jerome by Daniel Weber
Burning Bright by Aaron Bierman

February 25 at 22:00
Feature Film: Vampire Vienna by Mike Lomoz

February 26 at 18:00
Shorts Block 3
Murphy’s Lost by Anna Gamburg
Annalena by Gela Gordon
Strawberry Night by Yusha Chen
I Do Me by Julien Pohl
The Last Five Minutes Of The World by Jürgen Heimüller

February 26 at 20:00
Shorts Block 4
Bergen by Agnes Regan
Delta Crossings by James Puckett
Simulation by Hashem Al-Ghaili
Dictators Don’t Die by Serkan Öztürk

February 26 at 21:45
Feature Film: Paradogma by Marijn Poels


Filmmakers Night at Tati Goes Underground 27 Feb from 19:00. Address: Metzer Str. 2, 10405 Berlin-Mitte

February 27 at 18:00
Shorts Block 5
Seven Kinds of Satisfaction by Armin Monafred
Eadem Cutis: The Same Skin by Nina Hopf
Chewing Gum by Philippe Noguchi
End Frame by Pang Chun
Detectives 313 by Chin Yang

February 27 at 20:00
Shorts Block 6
Ryoko’s Qubit Summer by Yuichi Kondo
Between Two Walls by Amir Ovadia Steklov
Vicarious by Dave Ardito
Writing’s On The Wall by Olena Uchen

February 27 at 22:00
Feature Film: What Makes Women Tick by Svetlana Schotte

February 28 at 18:00
Shorts Block 7
Konsequence – Feels Pt. I by Maximilian Hillmer
Bakemono by Sumire Takamatsu, Jorge Lucas
Under Darkness by Caroline Friend
Remote Access by Penelope Berkemeier
New Bronx by Filip Ignatowicz

February 28 at 20:00
Shorts Block 8
Fraser Syndrome & Me by Kyle Anne Grendys
Unsurfed Afghanistan by Nico Walz
A Normal Girl by Aubree Bernier-Clarke

February 28 at 22:00
Feature Film: OUTDEH – The Youth Of Jamaica by Louis Josek

February 29 at 18:00
Shorts Block 9
Colored Moth – Whataboutism by Nils Kottmann
The Role Of A Lifetime by Marc Saez
Untitled by Ira Schneider
The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Marc Elsner
Get A Better Life by Jukka Ollila

February 29 at 19:30
Shorts Block 10
Fool-Parlant by Franziska Kabutke
Vernissage by Julia Dumendiak
The Songwriter Of Botnang by Alexander Tuschinski
Tina by Gayatri Bahl

February 29 at 21:30
Feature Film: Goethe’s Faust by Karsten Pruehl

All tickets can be purchased at the Babylon box office from 5pm daily at the Babylon in Mitte from February 1. Tickets are for sale and subject to limited availability on the Babylon programme page with online ticket sales link two weeks before the event.

NOTE: Box office ticket sales issued on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS including festival passes i.e. free entry for participant filmmakers. If the session is sold out, there are simply no more tickets available. Tickets available for purchase online on 24th January.



BIFF host is Claudine Biswas-MacKenzie, festival director.


BIFF 2020 Opening Nite at Griffin Bar 24th Feb from 9pm.
Address: Griffin (A.G.Foundation) Invalidenstraße 151 Berlin-Mitte

Filmmakers Night at Tati Goes Underground 27 Feb from 7pm. Address: Metzer Str. 2, 10405 Berlin-Mitte

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